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I was looking for a company who could produce beautiful animation, lead the creative format development and script writing process – and Plastic Milk had it all. Their expertise in these areas meant that I had complete confidence that we would meet every deadline and goal set for us – and we did, what an achievement. Thank you to all the team!
Senior Video Producer
Pearson Education
Plastic Milk are a joy to work with - creative, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I have been consistently impressed with their ability to make complex ideas easy to understand, and bring concepts to life using original and engaging imagery.
Account Director
TVF Communications
Plastic Milk worked with Springer Nature in driving the creative process of the production of a leading animation project – they were extremely insightful and proactive in their approach and steered the project to achieve a strong story mixed with original animations – truly bringing the brand to life.
Multimedia Specialist
Springer Nature
Everyone is blown away by the final product. It was very emotional to many of us to see our vision curated so perfectly and professionally. [...] The entire process of working with Plastic Milk has been seamless and we want to thank everyone for the effort, time and enthusiasm dedicated to this project.
Dr Charlotte Brathwaite-Shirley MBBS MRCP
Financial Lead and Trustee
We Are Donors
I would like to thank you for making the whole process of producing the animation so enjoyable. It has been such a pleasure working with such a talented and professional team of people. I've worked with many production companies in my time but none has been so enjoyable and ‘pain free’!
Head of Marketing and Communications
Princess Alice Hospice
We wanted to say that we've really enjoyed working with you on this project! We're extremely grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into this, as it looks so great, and you’ve been super responsive to all our emails and helped answer all of our questions. Thanks so much!
Account Executive
Cherry Thinking
The animations did their job very well. They were fun and intriguing, and the process by which we got to them was made very simple and straightforward. All of which deserve a special thank you.
Greg Childs
Editorial Director
The Children’s Media Conference
Thank you ever so much for all your hard work over the last ten months – I don’t know how you managed to sustain such a high work rate but I am extremely impressed. It has been a real joy to work with you all – your professionalism, help, advice, good humour and willingness to go the extra mile have all been greatly appreciated.
Senior Producer
Espresso Education
We are tremendously proud to have worked with Plastic Milk. Duncan and Jon are a pleasure to work with. Their passion, attention to detail and intelligent approach meant we felt completely confident entrusting them with our brand. The briefing process was straightforward and they came up with creative solutions to give us a polished end result within a tight time frame. We can't wait to work with them again.
Marketing Officer
Parkinson’s UK
I have worked with David Raitt and his colleagues at Plastic Milk for many years, and have found them excellent creative partners. They bring passion, expertise and commitment, and above all creativity and originality. Their ideas are often surprising, inspiring, and unexpected. They engage across the whole project rather than taking a narrow focus. Good to work with, honest and collaborative, and good fun
Chris Ellis
Writer and Co-founder
Open Mind Productions
Plastic Milk's great ability is not just the incisive way in which the creative graphics are developed – above all, it's the intellectual and intelligent understanding they bring to developing design solutions which sets them apart from most other graphic design houses.
Wendy Grifths
Independent Producer
Plastic Milk's imagination knows no bounds, they have a great understanding of kids' entertainment, and are wonderful to work with.
Tony Moulsdale
Head of Programming
Duncan Raitt is one of the rare individuals who takes enormous pride in every aspect of his job. He and his team at Plastic Milk surpassed my expectations, their story ideas and contributions were invaluable, and on a personal level, they were a pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend Duncan and the gang at Plastic Milk.
William J. Saunders
Film Producer/Director