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Deutsche Bank wanted an animation to explain a complex service to their customers. They are an industry leader in the foreign exchange (FX) business. They offer a range of financial products and services designed to solve their customers’ problems. Because of the complexity of some of these products, it is not always easy to communicate how they work. This makes it difficult for potential customers to understand how the products will benefit them.

Following the success of the FX Aggregation films Deutsche Bank asked us to create a new animation. The previous films were aimed at a broad audience. They were designed to be understood by people without a background in finance. This animation is aimed at treasury professionals in large organisations, a financially literate audience. Targeting a specific audience meant we could get into the core concepts faster. We aim to keep our films as accessible as possible but, in this case, it was also important that the target audience felt we were talking to them.

The animation shows how their MCCC (Multi-currency Cash Concentration) service can save corporate clients time, money and stress. MCCC is a complex product that automates foreign exchange workflows. It was important to explain the inner workings of the product to be able to emphasise its benefits. So, whilst to some extent this is a typical explainer animation, the key to its success is the character-led narrative.

We brought the customer’s problem to life through the eyes of Thomas, a treasury professional at a global manufacturer. We experience his frustration with his legacy systems, see how it impacts his life and how it is holding him back. We then join him as he discovers the solution and implements it. The film ends with a visibly less stressed Thomas now able to concentrate on more important matters.

When seen through this lens it is obvious that, to the right customer, this kind of product can be very valuable. However, they do need to know it’s there and understand what it does. This is where animation comes in.



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