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Plastic Milk worked with Springer Nature in driving the creative process of the production of a leading animation project – they were extremely insightful and proactive in their approach and steered the project to achieve a strong story mixed with original animations – truly bringing the brand to life.
Multimedia Specialist
Springer Nature



Springer Nature, a leading scientific publisher, were looking to solve a problem with the market positioning of one of their products, a portfolio of eBooks. They wanted to commission an animation to form a key part of their marketing campaign. The objectives were to increase awareness, change existing perceptions, help potential buyers recognise the value of the product and ultimately increase sales.

They invited us to host a workshop for a group of product stakeholders from around the world. The workshop enabled us to learn a huge amount about the product and the target audience. It helped us get under the skin of the people we needed to communicate with and find out what made them tick. It also gave us the opportunity to; brainstorm and prioritise the key marketing messages, discuss what we wanted the viewer to do after watching the film and determine which calls to action would be most effective. Following the workshop we condensed everything we had discovered into a report, with recommendations for how to approach the animation.

We designed the film to be character-based, using visual metaphors and a classic story structure to engage the viewer on an emotional level, as well as delivering the most important and relevant facts. We chose to focus on a librarian helping students and researchers by guiding them to the knowledge they need to achieve their goals. The tone is positive and aspirational and shows the satisfaction the librarian gets from helping people.

The video can also be viewed on the Springer Nature YouTube channel.