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Re-Counting video
Brain Gain Song video
Hover Dice video
The Cave video
Noticing Things video
Launch Sequence video
Thinky Jump video
Spooky Spoon Montage video


I have worked with David Raitt and his colleagues at Plastic Milk for many years, and have found them excellent creative partners. They bring passion, expertise and commitment, and above all creativity and originality. Their ideas are often surprising, inspiring, and unexpected. They engage across the whole project rather than taking a narrow focus, and in particular they have an extremely fine sense of colour. Good to work with, honest and collaborative, and good fun
Chris Ellis
Writer and Co-founder
Open Mind Productions



Numberjacks is a CGI animation and live action mix in which superhero numbers are launched from their secret base, inside a sofa, to solve numerical problems in the real world.

Collaborating with Open Mind Productions from an early stage, we developed the characters and environments and have now generated over eight hours (65 episodes) of original animation in HD. It was broadcast on BBC2 and CBeebies and has been a huge success, hitting number one in the CBeebies ratings chart after three weeks and selling over 140,000 DVDs in seven months. The first series also picked up a Royal Television Society award and ranked third in a list of "the best educational TV programmes ever" compiled by the Times. A second series was commissioned at the end of 2008 and has recently finished showing on CBeebies.