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Prefix video
S and Apostrophe S video
Suffix video
Paragraphs video
Perfect Tense video
Comma video
Bullet Points video
Synonyms video


Thank you ever so much for all your hard work over the last ten months – I don’t know how you managed to sustain such a high work rate but I am extremely impressed. It has been a real joy to work with you all – your professionalism, help, advice, good humour and willingness to go the extra mile have all been greatly appreciated.
Senior Producer
Espresso Education



Grammar and Punctuation is a series of 33 x 5 minute animated films created in conjunction with Espresso Education and broadcast in schools via their online subscription service. The series helps teachers navigate the latest national curriculum which now requires technically complex grammar and punctuation rules to be taught to children at a young age. The concepts are introduced in a fun way by a cast of 2D animated characters before we delve into the detail with text based examples. Each film finishes with a quiz and a sketch featuring the animated characters from the beginning. We developed the style and characters to compliment the photomontage animation Espresso use in their other projects. The text screens were designed to be highly legible when projected on electronic whiteboards. The series has been nominated for several awards. Shortened versions of the films are shown here.